Macbook sleep when closing lid

Hi all,

I’ve read many posts about Windows machines not sleeping when the lid is closed. But I’m having the issue on my M1 Macbook. If I restart, it works as expected: I close the lid, it goes to sleep. If I start Dorico and then QUIT Dorico, it still will not go to sleep. I’ve only had this issue since upgrading to Ventura. Did I miss a post with a solution?


If you’ve quit Dorico, then I’m not sure how Dorico can be the cause.

However, after you’ve quit Dorico, run the following command in Terminal:

pmset -g

That will include a line like:

sleep 1 (sleep prevented by powerd, sharingd, coreaudiod, coreaudiod)

… which will show you the processes that are preventing sleep. Dorico might be responsible for coreaudiod preventing sleep. But if Dorico and the VST Audio Engine have both quit, then it won’t be Dorico, but something else.

This was very helpful, Ben.

Using pmset I determined that it was not Dorico but my audio interface software that was preventing my iMac from sleeping.

Thank you.


Oops! Now I am not so sure. More investigation needed.


What’s your audio interface? If you’ve got hardware plugged in, then that may well use power.

One issue that drives me nuts with my MacBook Pro and sleep mode is that unplugging the power cable causes it to wake up from sleep mode even when the lid is closed. So if you close the lid and then unplug the power (at least on mine), it wakes up again and overheats because it is running in a closed position. I’ve had to get into the habit of unplugging the power before closing the lid.

OK, I followed your advice. It tells me that sleep is prevented by Sleep Control Center, which is an app that I use to [surprise!] prevent the computer from going to sleep when plugged in to AC power in the classroom during lectures, etc. The odd thing is that it only does this while Dorico is running (of course) and after I quit Dorico. If I manually tell the MacBook to sleep by selecting it in the Apple menu, it will go to sleep and I can close the lid. If I then open the lid, login, and close it again, it goes to sleep as usual.

There is some kind of interaction between Dorico and the Sleep Control Center app, but only since I upgraded to Ventura. Odd.

Thanks for the help.