Macbook SSD: Need Content on External Drive

Hi All,

I’ve just bought Cubase 8 and am having a dilema. I’m a on a Macbook Pro with a 250GB SSD. This means limited storage space…

With other applications such as Reason and Logic Pro X I have been able to easily transfer the large media folders on an external thunderbolt drive, linking them at the original location with an OSX ‘alias’ to the external drive.

I’m somehow unable to achieve the same thing with the /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content folder

Cubase fails to recognise the alias, throwing a ‘file not found’ tantrum :confused: :confused:

Anyone of you good people here have some suggestions on how to solve this problem.


Well I have spent a bit of time researching this today and the solution was not to create an alias but a ‘symbolic link’ from:

/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content
to /Volume/ExternalDrive

This can be done by hacking around within the terminal command line or using the little Soft Link app available at the Mac App Store.

The move gives me back 20GB of space on my SSD disk. Just thought I’d put this up for anyone else with the same issue as me…