Mackie 1220i Firewire Mixer w/ Cubase 6 & iMac


I’m switching over from an older and now unreliable PC laptop to an iMac (Intel Core i5).

Given that I will have Firewire availability, I am considering picking up a Mackie Onyx 1220i Firewire Mixer.

Has any one experienced compatibility issues/problems using this mixer with Cubase 6 on a Mac system?

Any otehr suggestions would be appreciated as well. I only use “hard” synths and vocals (no live drums, guitars, basses etc)

I use the Onyx 1640i with Macbook Pro OS X 10:6 and Cubase 6
No issues at all, everything runs perfectly. You will need to optimize the mac for audio if you’re recording high track counts, a quick Google search will give you the details. It’s a very good setup, the Onyx pre’s are about the best in the price range.