Mackie bug - ”Send” only controls 1st send on each track

@LSlowak when I select “Send” on my X-Touch, the encoder for each track number controls the first send in that track. The display for that track correctly reflects the send level in dB for the first send on each track. This is regardless of which track is selected.

There appears to be no way to control the 2nd-8th effects sends on any tracks.

Can you confirm the above or explain what I’m missing?

@SkullHQX are you seeing the same?

@LSlowak another question:
Why is “Catch Up” only available in MIDI learn for volume and pan? It seems this could be us useful for any parameter with a wide range of values? For example, because of the apparent bug described above, I MIDI-mapped 8 encoders from my Virus TI2 to the effects sends of the active track. It would really help to have catch up there.

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I’m currently in the lengthy process of rewiring and rearranging my studio. I’ll see if I can check your findings, but you are probably correct. To be honest the way I work I don’t run into this issue, as I’m mostly working with hardware synths and outboard effects. I’m very thankful Steinberg gave us Mackie protocol, but I wish they would/could expand it a little bit further (like for example using the metering).

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