Mackie connection needs reset every time in Settings


I’m on cubase pro 11 .0.3, windows 10.

I have my m-audio configured as a mackie control

It works and does everything I want it to, but everytime I start cubase, I have to click reset in the settings to make it work
even though it says “Reset User Command Assignments” and I have configured none, it’s empty. So it’s probably also doing something else, like running a reinitialization or something. Which is convenient in a way, so I don’t have to remove and add the device in every session, but it still would be nice to make it work right away.

Anyone experienced this, is there a trick, can I do anything? Is there something about the order of turning on software and hardware, I haven’t found out a way to make it work right way though.

Thanks for any suggestions, it’s not that big of a deal, just would be nice.

I’m using Mackie Control for an X-Touch. It used to be that you always needed to turn on the hardware before launching Cubase. Then a couple versions back they added the reset capability so you didn’t need to restart Cubase if you forgot to turn on the hardware first - just hit reset.

Ok, wow thanks. That’s actually great. The tooltip and dialog window where about command assignments specifically, which confused me. But it works exactly as you described, thanks :slight_smile: