Mackie Control aftertouch messages


Is there a way to prevent Cubase from outputting the aftertouch messages when using Mackie Control?


Could you explain that a little more clearly, please? (that reads like Cubase is outputting aftertouch messages to somewhere, but I suspect that isn’t what you mean :wink: )

What happens is this. I use a BCR2000 in Mackie Emulation Mode. When I use the Mackie Control in Midi Devices, and I hit play, the Midi Activity indicator on the transport window shows output. I tested for the output and it is aftertouch messages being sent on the midi out channel setup for the Mackie Control. I suspect that this is data that the Mackie Control would use to display the meters for the channels. This happens whenever Cubase outputs audio.

When I remove the Mackie Control, I do not have this happening.

I can understand why this is happening, I just want to know if I can disable the “feature”.

Well you can indeed filter out aftertouch from the incoming MIDI to the selected MIDI track… Open the MIDI track’s Input Transformer (the “crooked arrow” icon in the Inspector)… If you choose “Global” instead of “Local”, then that Input Transformer setting will be available for all tracks…

Upper section…
Type is___ Equal___Aftertouch

Lower section (leave empty)

Mode = “Filter”

(Don’t forget to activate the current module :wink: )

(although I am surprised that the BCR is permanently sending out aftertouch messages :confused: )

I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear. It is not the BCR2000 sending the aftertouch messages. It is Cubase sending those messages out to the BCR.

[EDITED] I don’t actually have a Mackie Control-compatible external unit, but I have just activated the Mackie Control Device, so now at least I know what you are talking about :wink:
Yes, if the Mackie needs to receive feedback from the Steinberg device, then I, too, see that it is sending a stream of MIDI data (although it wasn’t aftertouch here).
So long as the Mackie isn’t also routed to the input of a MIDI track, then this is doing no harm (that MIDI data that worries you is going only to the Mackie, nowhere else :slight_smile: )
If you don’t need the feedback from the Steinberg device, just change its output to “not connected”.

i appreciate that this is a very old thread, but it’s something that I’ve been looking into lately and this post came up in a google search.

I have a Tascam US-2400 controller and I noticed that the LED rings around the encoders would flicker and glitch randomly (and quite distractingly) during playback in Cubase 10.5. I monitored the MIDI output using LoopMIDI and MIDI-OX and discovered the Channel Aftertouch data that GMan mentions. It is indeed for the meters, as the Meter Mode on my controller no longer works when it’s filtered out. Meter Mode is pointless on the US-2400 anyway, so no problem there. I also found a lot of data being transmitted on channel 16. Different sorts of Sustain data mostly. This is maybe for controllers with time displays? I filtered that out too, using MIDI-OX. The result is no more flickering LEDs, which is nice.

I wonder if anyone knows of a way to tell Cubase not to send that data when using Mackie Control, other than adding virtual MIDI ports and third party filters as I have done.