MACKIE CONTROL and plugin editor

I own an Icon Qcon and I want to know if it’s possible to open the plugin editor with some function of Mackie Control. I don’t find it in the user settings (F1, F2 etc…)! Besides, I can’t find also the “Cue send” settings (I’ve tried with SHIFT+FX Send, but nothing happens :cry: ) and the type of eq filter in the channel strip! Anyone help me? I use the Icon Qcon (first version) and Cubase Pro 8.5.

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You can assign your F1, F2 etc buttons yourself. Click on Menu>> Devices >> Device setup>> Remote Devices… Select your Mackie Controller >> At the right side of the F button you want to use>>Click on the “Category” field and select “Edit”… >> At the right side of the “Category” field… click on the “Command” field and select “Edit VST Instrument” . Click on “Apply” and your set to go. Now, when you’ve selected a VST Instrument track and you press the F button, you’ve assigned, the VST Instrument will open. Good luck (y)

Thank you very much! :wink: But do you know if there’s a way to open the plugins-editor (for the plug-ins in insert)? I think that it’s very important for mixing, but I don’t find it. :cry:

Not sure if that is possible. But you can modify all the parameters of your inserts with the controls on your Mackie and record it

I’m not sure if this is applicable for the Qcon, but in Cubase you can select the compatibility. (Devices > Mackie Control > select Cubase.)
You might check this PDF:

In this topic might be more information:

Ooh, this might be interesting to:

It took me a while to figure it out, but it’s worth it!!