Mackie Control / HUI + M-audio Oxygen 61 MKV


I have Cubasis latest version on iPad and M-audio Oxygen 61 MKV midi keyboard.

When I use the knobs in “Mackie Control/HUI” mode, Cubasis adjusts the panorama incorrectly. I’ve tried different DAW presets in my M-audio, Cubasis always works the same way.

But if I use the “MIDI Learn” mode, then the knobs work perfectly!

I attach the corresponding video for demonstration:

Apparently this is some kind of bug. Could you help me, please?


Hello @LSlowak ! Did you by any chance miss my topic? :slight_smile:

Hi @Artem,

Thanks for your message, which will be shared with the team.

Here is a workaround suggestion for you:
In Setup, when you have Mackie/HUI enabled, please tap the Ports button and tap your Oxygen’s input and output ports multiple times until HUI (instead of Mackie) appears next to them. Then, try setting your Oxygen to the HUI standard, maybe this works better.

Hope that helps!


Hi @LSlowak ! Thanks for the answer!
I tried to choose HUI as you wrote. This works just as incorrectly as Mackie. But interestingly, the controller’s faders work correctly in any mode. :thinking: