Mackie Control only part working in Cubase LE8 with R16.

I’ve recently brought R16 and have the included Cubase LE AL 8 Elements. I am running windows 10. I have just updated to 8.0.35 update to see if it fixes issue, but it does not. .

Problem is i have setup mackie control and selected Zoom driver in device setup and it recognises R16 driver. When i move transport buttons on the R16 they work and the master faders work, but individual faders don’t respond, neither do track mutes or solo when using the r16 as control surface.

I have tried Zoom R16 templates and checked all 8 tracks are active in vst connections but to no avail!!

I even tried mackie control in ableton and that works fine. Help please, is it possible to get mackie control working fully with R16 using cubase LE8???