Mackie Control plugin regardless of insert number?

I’m sure this has been asked and answered; I’ve searched multiple queries and can’t find a simple answer.

I have a Behringer X-Touch Mini. I know how to use it, I’ve set it up to do different things, it’s good.

The main limitation seems to be that, to map it to and control plugins, either via Quick Controls or in the remote editor, the plugin must always be in the same insert slot on every track. For instance, to map knob 1 to control a ProQ highpass filter, the instance of ProQ must always be the same insert number, say insert slot 3. Once it’s mapped there, a ProQ insert on slot 4 will not work with the mapping.

IS THERE ANY WAY to map to whatever plugin window has focus? i.e. to tell Cubase what mapping you want to use with ProQ, and then whatever instance of ProQ is “on top”, that’s what gets controlled? I know that’s what Novation’s Automap software does, but its system of dummy plugins doesn’t work for me, and I prefer the X-Touch Mini anyway.


The assignment is not to a specific plug-in > parameter. The assignment is done to the Plug-in Slot Number > Parameter Number.

So you cannot assign the HW controller to a specific plug-in parameter independent from the slot number.

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