Mackie Control protocol question

I have a question for you techies out there…
I’m trying to assign a fader on my Behringer X-Touch Compact to control the master fader (with touch automation) in Cubase. When the X-Touch is in mackie control mode, it sends out pitchbend on Channel 9 and note# E7 (E8 on other DAWS) for touch. When Xtouch is in Mackie Control Mode, fader 9 controls and automates the master fader perfectly, when touched automation begins, when released automation stops.When i put the Xtouch into generic midi mode with exactly the same settings, fader touch doesn’t work properly. Any ideas why?


Theses is correct Mackie Control protocol messages (PitchBend at Channel 9 for the Master Fader value and E7 for the touch of the 9th fader).

If you switch Xtouch to a generic MIDI Mode, then It probably doesn’t send these exact MIDI data. If you Change it manually, that Xtouch is sending these exact MIDI data, you have to work with the Mackie Control protocol on Cubase side, again. If you switch Cubase to Generic Remote Device, you have to map it manually in Cubase.

What is your goal, please?

Thanks for the reply Martin.
I want to use the X-Touch in midi mode (with a Generic Remote) but be able to access the main stereo out fader (with automation) via fader 9. I set up the X-Control with the EXACT same midi message as it sends in Mackie Control mode, .(PitchBend at Channel 9 for the Master Fader value and E7 for the touch of the 9th fader) and then I setup a Mackie Control remote for X-Touch. As I said in my previous post, when the X-Touch is in MC mode (with a mackie control in Cubase), I press a fader and automation is written until I release (as it should be). When the X-Touch is in Midi mode( also with a mackie control in Cubase), I press a fader and automation is written until I press STOP.
This is baffling, I’ve even recorded the midi from X-Control in MC mode and X-control in Midi mode and the midi information is identical, (PitchBend at Channel 9 for the Master Fader value and E7 for the touch of the 9th fader).
Putting the X-Contol into MC mode must do something else, I just can’t figure out what.


E7 Volume 127 is equal touch the fader, E7 Volume 0 is equal to release the faster (stop write in the Touch automation mode), if I’m right.

Do you also send release fader E7 Volume 0?

Cubase interprets the incoming MIDI differently in GR vs MC.
MC is a defined protocol, where GR is set in the Cubase setup page.

Did you program the Generic Remote in the Cubase Setup page to control the Master Fader?
I would think you could use ANY MIDI message as long as you program it correctly in the GR setup.

Not sure about Touch and release. Don’t know if it’s a GR option.


As far as I understand, beatpete is using Mackie Control on Cubase side in both cases. He just changed MC to Generic on the hardware side. Or am I wrong?

Exactly, I’m using a mackie control NOT a generic remote for this.
I just use a “note on” for E7. When i look at it on a midi track in Cubase, it writes the “note on” for as log as I touch the fader. Should I add a “note off” for release? I know some programs use “note on” as 127 and “note off” as 0 but some programs require an actual “note off” command.


Yes, I would recommend to add Note Off as Release command. Otherwise Cubase doesn’t know, that you released the fader already, so it’s continuing to write.

Cubase accepts both Note Off or Note On Velocity 0.

I turns out if you add a second note off command (actually “note on” with a velocity of 0) the fader releases when you lift your finger (as in mc mode)!

Here’s my (very cool) setup.
I use a x-Touch Compact because it’s programmable.
I use translators in BMT (Bome Midi Translator) to change cc messages (both fader and touch) to pitchbend (channel 1) and note # (G#7). I’m actually using a Frontier Designs “Alphatrack” in Cubase because it assigns the fader (9th fader on X-Touch in my case) to the selected channel, much more intuitive than MC (mackie control) where you have to bank to find the track and I usually work on 1 channel at a time anyway. The other faders are assigned to FX sends 1-8 with on/off buttons below and Cubase Quick controls in bank B.
Then I found out a very cool feature in the X-Touch Compact that lets you change from Standard Midi mode to MC mode via cc# 127 on the global channel. So I programmed a button on the X-Touch (in my case the far right top of three) to change back and forth from midi to MC modes, Very cool!
In BMT I created a midi router from the X-Touch midi in/out to 2 virtual midi ports (I use LoopBe30 for creating 24 virtual midi ports) so that I can setup a MC in Cubase (as well as a generic remote).
This means I can use both MC and standard midi (with 2 banks, a and b) on the X-touch in Cubase!
This makes this controller extremely versatile.


I’m glad it works as expected.