Mackie Control Protocol Question

Hi Everyone,

I haven’t been able to find an answer anywhere. I’m looking at purchasing an Avid Artist Mix or one of the Icon Control Surfaces and just need to understand how Mackie Control Protocol would work for my situation.

I compose ITB and currently have a 400+ track template made up of mainly midi tracks. Does the Mackie Control only control tracks that are displayed in the mixer view? That is, if I hide my midi tracks are they hidden from the control surface?

On another note - is anyone using the Icon Qcon Pro X or Platform M (and D) with Cubase 8? If so - how is it working for you?

Thanks in advance



The Mackie Control Protocol is not linked with the Track list in the Project window, but it’s linked with the Channels in the MixConsole. So if you hide a channel in the MixConsole, it’s hidden even on your Mackie Device. So if you hide Channels 2 & 3, on your Mackie Device, you control Channel 4 by fader 2. Is it clear?

In Cubase you can Sync visibility of the Project window and any MixConsole window. So then you can hide the track in the Project window, thanks to the syncing, also the relevant Channel in the MixConsole is hidden what means, it’s also hidden on your Mackie Control device.

Thankyou - that answered my question precisely.

It has also saved me quite a bit of money as I dont have to go with Eucon devices to do what I want.

Actually I’m not sure if the visibility is synced with EuCon (Avid Artist is using this protocol). I remember there was an issue, but I don’t know if it’s implemented already.

Yes Martin is right ,and also the mc has 8 visibility buttons under the user buttons so it’s easy to make a few an use the mc to switch,I usally have like 1 for drums ,guitars,groups,vocals,between locators…whatever ,I am learning the power of the mc more and more …it really is a great controller!!