Mackie Control Surface Reset macro?

Guy many times that I’m taking a break from a project, either at the end of the night or mid day I’ll shut down many of hardware on a master switch. Things like my video monitors, midi sound modules, keyboards, the Behringer XR18 and my Behringer X-Touch control surface. The PC will stay on with the project I last worked on still running. The issue I would like to address is when the power is restored and all these items power back up, the X-Touch doesn’t “see” the project. I used to save, close and reopen the project to sync it back up with the control surface but I found if I navigate to /STUDIO/STUDIO SETUP/MACKIE CONTROL and click on the RESET button at the bottom of the dialog window it resync to the X-Touch. I looked into creating a macro for one button triggering of this reset but I don’t see any commands I can add to the newly created macro. I’m I going about this incorrectly or is there simply no way to do this?