Mackie Control Universal, Cubase 6 and Windows 7

I’m trying to use MCU and 2x XTs with Windows 7, both 32 & 64 bit. I am using a midisport 8x8 with latest drivers.
My problem is Cubase will send to MCU, but not from Mcu to Cubase. midisport 8x8 is upgraded with latest firmware from M-audio.
This is only an issue with Windows 7 as everything works perfectly on XP machine and also Macbook pro OSX 10:6
any help will be greatly appreciated as I,ve tried just about everything at this stage.


Getting the same thing here. Worked fine with xp/C5.5 using same RME hdsp 9652 midi ports.

All software updated and cables checked. MCU startup control assignment set to “mackie control”, C6 Remote Device set to Mackie Control. MIDI ports correctly assigned. MCU running v3.0.0

It’d be nice if Steiny chimed in on this. We can’t be the only two guys having this problem.

I just emailed Mackie Support. I’ll let you know what they say.


I’m using an MCU with 1 extender with the two midi ports on the HDSP 9652. I have Cubase 6 and Windows 7 and all is well here. I know this doesn’t help you but I just wanted to point out that it can work.
Do you have the correct ports assigned?

Thanks for the input guys, at least we know MCU works with C6 and W7
@jackknife you could try updating your driver, you may have to download it from
HDSP website.

I, sigh, again, reinstalled my hdsp drivers and replaced my midi cables.

Now, here’s the wierd part.

At first the MCU worked. It was sluggish, but it was sending data to C6. But I noticed that it was sending all the wrong midi messages: push up fader 1 and it activated, “Revert to Saved Project”, push up fader 2 and it activated “solo on ch 1+2 and activated Record/Play”, pushed up fader 3 and it activated, “Save As”.

And the more I did this the more stupid the MCU was getting until finally nothing worked on it again. But there was still midi signals coming from faders 5-8, that, of course, did nothing noticable, just showed data incoming on the Transport.

At first the Transport controls worked, albeit sluggishly, then evenually they stopped.

I think this has something to do with the fact that it was outputting tons of wrong midi data and something just got shut off. Or something. Dunno.

This really shouldn’t be this messed up. It worked with out issue in XP as soon as I plugged it in - exact same config except C5.5/XP.

I have tried this with Midi Thru both on and off. No difference. Have messed with many combinations of Midi settings to no avail.

On the plus side, however, I finally, after much effin’ around got C6 to reconize my IK Multimedia ARC plugin. So I guess that’s something.


I ditched the Midi cables and connected the Mackie MCU via USB and it now works fine.

And, like so many other things in life, this problem, too, has a great outcome. Now I have a Midi In/Out freed up for other things.