Mackie Control Universal Extender Issues in Cubase

I posted this on the old forum and nothing ever happened, maybe I will have better luck on the new forum…

I have had this annoying problem with Cubase since SX4 and its has been in every update, every version of 5, every version of 6. I am wondering if anyone else has this problem. Any time I start up Cubase, load empty project, load saved project, anything, my MCU Extender doesn’t register until I go in under devices and reset it. Its hooked up to the MCU Pro with MIDI cables and then the Pro is hooked up to the computer with USB. Anyone have any ideas?

I use a Mackie Control and two control extenders, and have never had any problems. Mine are the older MIDI only type, maybe if you have one MIDI and one USB that this maybe the trouble area.

Have you always installed the next CB version with the old one present on your system?
If so then maybe some preferences have migrated. Tried trashing your prefs?


Yeah, I trashed the preferences. The new MCU Pro only offers USB on the main unit and only MIDI on the extenders which plug into the main unit’s MIDI ports. Either way, I don’t have any dedicated MIDI ports on my computer anymore, everything is USB nowadays… I could believe it was a connection problem if it didn’t immediately resolve when I reset the device in the Device Properties window.