Mackie Control / Xtouch not seeing tracks 1-8 still in 12.0.50

Mackie HUI / Xtouch support is STILL messed up !!! you can not access the first bank of 8 tracks 1-8 in the TL on the hardware, any track over 9 is mapped to ->1. There is a simple off by one error in the bank counting code which is a couple minute fix for some one to change. how did this go out the door ? big bug, affects many, simple fix… ??? ##$@#$@#$@#$@#$!!!

All the other updates and bug fixes are great and really thank you for them. it’s clear you guys are working on controller support so how did this possibly not get fixed ? creating seperate BR thread, really we need this fixed. my controller is semi-worthless and this used to work decently prior to 12.0


Could you please attach the screenshot form the Studio > Studio Setup window?

What? There is something wrong in your setup.
It worked on my system last time I tried.
I usually use Nuendo and there it works.

Sure - and I have deleted this and redone it in 12.0.30 when I think the problem started, and 12.0.40 and haven’t tried 12.0.50. nothing but defaults, setting MIDI port via USB to the internal control port.

Update 1 : I deleted the setup and added it yet and in 12.0.50, now it magically works again . Also deleted control #2 and key lab 61 mk2 also works again.

Update2 : Behringer has quietly put out firmware update 1.22 for new hardware vers. updated anyway hoping this might fix the move the faders and they move to back to where they were bug. maybe. but now the bank paging problem is back.

ok, fine. restart Cu and problem persists. ok, lets just delete the Mackie control and redo it. when hitting new Mackie control, instant vanish / crash. sent off crash logs via Cu crash reporter

start up Cu and the old control item is still there :frowning: , delete, quit Cu, restart it

Cu starts up again, and automatically sees the X touch , and is pages over to Bank 1 track 1 correctly. I mean al good now, maybe, I hope. oh wait… now the keylab mk2 isn’t working.

open studio setup again, add Mackie control and now it sees the key lab again.

maybe this will stay stable. see what happens


Remove the Mackie Control 2 device from the Studio Setup, please.

Btw, you are using Mackie Control, not Mackie HUI (as it’s written in the title).

HUI /control infinity confusable but… the problem isn’t the 2nd control which is keylab mk2. having 2 controllers is an old bug thats been fixed. see update 2 above where I got things working again by basically deleting everything ( again ! ) and adding it back, crashing a couple times doing it , crash logs sent, and it works. in fact Cu seemed to auto recognized the keylab on launch which is nice improvement once everything was been deleted. the lesson is the old setups don’t work right for some reason and simply need to be redone for 12.0.50. This might be worth adding to the release notes so save others the hassle. thnx

So I installed 12.0.51 and this bug is still alive. M control can not see / access bank “0” of tracks #1-8 in the TL. only 9 and above work. this needs to get fixed. the ugly bad workaround : create 8 empty tracks, put them in a folder ( nest ) and then you get control back :confused: please fix this !