Yes, Billions of MCU users trying to get VU meters working!
Here’s some info, and MAckie had better step up:

I have MCU, and two XT
Also, have older MCU and two sidecars

The shfit-smpte doesnt add VU meters to my MCU when I use the NEW MCU, However, as a test, I added my old MCU to the setup and tried it and low and behold-VU Meters!

I can only assume two things:

THE MCU VErsion 3.0 didn’t ship with that command enabled
or THE USB connection doesn’t transmit that command

Either way- It’s a MACKIE problem not a Steiny one.

Steiny needs to address this issue though: When we change the channel view of the mixer, it would be super amazing if the Mackies reflected that.

Anywyas, the VU meter thing has always been a concern for me, since I bought the first one available in my city and have always had weird issues with that feature as the years went by. Maybe this will help other MCU users a bit.



No Piccies

Second: RE: Mixer following Cubase

They are old pics, but my desk design is brilliant, so I’ll take some new ones and put them up. the desk has three mackie units under two monitors, with genelecs to either side, under the mackies(which all slide up out of the way) is a korg triton keyboard. just above that is a computer keyboard. (the comluter keyboard used to hide under to two 8 channel expansion units, but the new ones have a different design for the chassis and I wasn’t able to make them work with my original design.

I seldom update the site, and after godaddy’s huge outage- which cost me two grand- I built my own server here in Canada. Godaddy’s support was THAT bad that week.

And by follow the cubase mixer- I mean, the new option to ciew only channels with data is brilliant, it would be nice if upon selecting that, the mackies would update. oh well.

Last PM I got from a Steinberg rep was they were going to be restoring the function that the cubase mixer and external mixer, in out case Mackie MCUs, at some point. There was no timeline given, so I don’t know when we will see the restoration of the feature that was present up to cubase 6.5 let alone the new functions of the mixer.

I put the old pics (6 years ago?) back up. It’s the best design for a writing studio I’ve seen as you stay in the stereo field when writing/recording.

sweet :sunglasses:

With Cubase 6.5.4 I can show Meters with the SMPTE+Shift command on my MCU Pro .
I have no problem with that.
Mackie Control Pro has Firmware 3.0.0!

And please Steinberg address the problem with the hidden channels with Mackie Protocol and Cubase 7!
The MCU doesnt reflect the hidden channels in the Mix Console.
All channels are shown on the MCU (Midi Channels too) on big projects this is a workflow killer!

Yes please what the heck?
I assumed it was an error that they would resolve in 7.0.2.
I love my Mackie Control, it has always been one of the best controllers on the market, Steinberg even wrote a separate manual for it. Come on, you’ve got to be kidding me, this is a major Cubase feature, and has got o come back in Cubase 7.
(it is there, but flawed)

When they are at it, please re-couple the F buttons on the Mackie to the 'channel and rack configuration’buttons in the mixer (or make them assigable)

Now I’m at Cubase 7.5.10 With all the new features AND I replaced my p&g MCU with a new Alps one with the hope that I could get VU meters with the shift smote key


What is going on that some people can get it working and others can’t?

It works with my Version 1 MCU
I’ve purchased new firmware chips for my P&G MCU

This is starting to get into real money now!

I don’t use the meters - kinda small, and I have my monitors just above - as do you.

But they do work fine. Firmware V4.03.
Firmware update is available for free from the Mackie website for Alps versions:

See this post: