mackie control

Are the F1-F8 function keys still active in N6? I just noticed that they are now non-responsive but it may be due to the preferences that need to be entered which leads to the question: is there an easy way to just import the preferences on (as an example) the function keys so they would behave as they did in the 5.5 version? (without importing everything else as well)

Also noticed that the fader groups buttons on the MCU are inactive now as well. I attempted to create some fader groups but it looks like there is nowhere to enter the fader group, no button the push on the N6 mixer. The previous fader groups that I used in earlier versions of projects that were saved did not seem to get imported into N6 with the projects. So now the entire top right section of the MCU is dead? Hopefully I am missing something.


Yes please fix this or make fader configs available as a key command

Not only that, but the feedback to the MCU (DXB) is horrible, the ballistics on the meters are lagging so bad they are useless, the time code is behind 30 - 40%. When I press play/stop/record, the delay back to the MCU is unusable.

It still makes no sense to me why Steinberg won’t release the hardware controller SDK to 3rd party developers. A lot of people (myself included) would jump to the challenge of building support for currently unsupported surface controllers, as well as building better implementations for currently supported devices (such as the MCU).

Yes and support for the C4 would be great as well. What could possibly be the reason that Steinberg would not allow developers to support these controllers? It would only make their product more valuable to their clients.