Mackie control

The biggest new feature for me in the current version of Finale was without doubt Rewire support. Now I can control transport and playback using the buttons of my X-Touch and Cubase. A dream come true!

I suppose the Dorico team has got lots of other things to think about these days, but I wonder: What are the remote control plans for Dorico? Will we see Rewire support or even MCU or HUI support down the road?

A quick search of this forum would show you that this question has been asked before… :wink:

See here

Whoops, thanks.

Although, to be fair, no-one has asked about MCU or HUI before. This is definitely something we’ll look into and discuss with our colleagues in Hamburg - but it’s unlikely to be a priority for a while. Rewire will happen first.

+1 for DAW controller / MIDI transport functionality (Steinberg cc121 or Contour shuttleXpress in my case). Scrub / Jog + mixer controls would be super-useful. Although I’m sure Rewire might sort a lot of this out, it would still be great to control Dorico stand-alone. Just wanted to register my enthusiasm for this :0)

Sincere thanks to the Dorico team for all the amazing work so far!