Mackie HUI Commands thru Generic CC?

Is it possible to send/receive Mackie HUI commands via the Generic CC?

I would really like to know if metering, track naming, fader touch and selection can be done via Generic CC.

I know about the DAW Remote button and it works fine but I made my own CC template and would like to know more all the Generic CC can do.

I use the Behringer X32

Also is Steinberg planning any new hardware controllers to compete with the new offerings of 2021? I don’t want to invest in something if Steinberg is about to release a complete Cubase ready hardware mixing controller. :slight_smile:


These informations are received/transmitted via SysEx messages. This doesn’t work with common MIDI CC and Generic Remote Device.

These are common MIDI CCs or MIDI Notes (at least in Mackie Control Protocol, I don’t know Mackie HUI so much in depth, but I expect, it’s similar).

Thanks, I did use a MIDI monitor software and the information is very different.

I don’t know if this any help or not, but I recently got a Behringer X-Touch DAW Control Surface and it defaults to Mackie HUI protocol, but can do others. I get track names no problem on my scribble strips. Hopefully that’s useful to you. If not, I apologize.