Mackie Hui for Pro Tools only?

I’m looking for a control surface for Nuendo and have been told about the HUI technology.

There are several used surfaces on Ebay that are affordable but they all say “Pro Tools” and/ or “Avid”.

Does this mean that these surfaces would be incompatible with Nuendo?

Are all HUI hardware is incompatible with Nuendo?

Under “Studio Setup” there is an option to add a Mackie HUI controller so I imagine it will still work. That said, my understanding is that the Mackie Control protocol offers deeper integration than HUI.


I thought they were the same protocol. I obviously have not done my homework.

What I’m wondering is if there is a controller whose sliders will automatically mimic the channels I choose to show in my mixer.

Avid Artist Series does for sure.

A controller that does this extremely well is the SmartAV Tango. It follows the Visibility settings on the Nuendo MixConsole, or if the MixConsole and Project are being synced together, it will follow the Project visibility settings as well.

It also has a great Jog Wheel that can be set to perform many different functions at the touch of a button - completely configurable.

The Tango is no longer manufactured so they can currently be bought very cheaply. They are incredibly well built and infinitely customizable.

Mackie Protocol does that.

I actually have a Behringer X-Touch AND an X-Touch Compact. Both work quite nicely, especially considering their price.

I use an actual Mackie MCU with 2 extenders in my studio. Love everything but the displays, which suck with my bad eyes. Behringer is much better in that regard (only).
The Compact I use in the studio as a Generic Remote for various commands and VSTi control.
The full X-Touch is for field work only.

But, yes, it follows visibility setting.
I didn’t think EUCON (Avid Artist) did that. Seen many complaints around here. But perhaps that has changed as GetaLife2 says.


Where can they be bought? I’ve been trying to monitor the used market for them and I haven’t found ANY! Can you name any sites ( ebay has nothing!)?

There is a Tango user group at that may be able to help you.

Tangos for sale occasionally show up there.

There’s a Tango-2 on eBay now.

Cool! I sent you a PM.