Mackie MCU: Change remote control names for EQ?

I have a Mackie MCU. I’ve been able to invoke the remote control editor on my plugins to shorten and rearrange the labels that appear on the MCU. However, I can’t find a way to edit the labels displayed from the standard Cubase EQ bands, as I’d like to shorten them a bit.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this?

Not sure if that’s possible…
I did notice in the Remote Control Editor that some names can be changed, but then the controller (Qcon Pro X in my case) still shows the original names… Not sure if that’s caused by the plug-in or by Cubase…

:laughing: Wouldn’t we all like to do that. I don’t think it’s possible. The built-in EQ isn’t a plug-in, (just like all the other functions on the mix console) therefore not way to change it via remote control editor.

Henry1970, The remote control editor should cause a change on the MCU controller when editing a name. I use a QconPro. If you have found a plug-in where you can’t edit a parameter name, feel free to list the plug in(s) I can’t imagine any MCU controller including the ProX not doing this since that’s a very basic MC function.

Hey, guys.

For some reason I didn’t get a notification when this thread was replied to, so belated thanks for helping.

Based on greggy’s response, I gather I’m just barking at the moon here. It wouldn’t be the first time…

I use mostly Waves SSL channestrip.
I can change all parameters in the remote control editor, but a few parameter names simply won’t change on the Qcon… :confused:

I have Waves SSL. Feel free to list the parameters are you attempting to control that you can change in the Cubase RCE, but are not reflected on the QconPro.

It’s been a while, allmost forgot about this issue.
It’s not Waves related, it does the same with any plug in
This is with bx SSL 4000:
Tried some other plug ins.
Should be possible to have the display read: Say Hello To My Little Friend, or 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8.
So, my guess it’s an issue on the Steinberg side of things??

One way to determine would be to list a step-by-step repro so anyone can verify or deny. We both have QconPros. That’s a start.

I can’t think this has ever been a problem for myself, but it seems I don’t use the QconPro with the Cubase Remote Control editor as much as I used to. To confirm, what you are saying is when you enter a name in the RCE, the Qcon doesn’t reflect what you entered on the RCE?

I still have a Mackie MCU Pro laying around with a faulty display (backlight)
I hooked that up to see if it had the same isue, and the answer is yes, so it’s a Steinberg problem, not an Icon problem.
Maybe it’s something in the Mackie Control communication, who know’s…
I’ve also downloaded the Cubase Pro 10 trial but issue is still there…

Originally, you referred to Waves SSL and the fact that while you could change the parameters in the RCE, those changes were not reflected in the Qcon. Is that correct?

If that is correct, using Waves SSL, can you give a step-by step reproduction of a parameter that you change in the RCE, but isn’t reflected in the Qcon?

In your next post you said it’s not Waves related, but then gave examples with bxSSL. I don’t have bx SSL. But we both have a QconPro and Waves SSL. Can you give a repro using Waves SSL?

I think I have figured it out.
I opened Waves SSL E channel Mono, opened the RCE, defaulted everything and than changed every parameter name to 1, 2, 3 to 8 on every parameter page (5 in total.)
Which than translates to the Qcon as:
The names that don’t change seem to be all switches.
If I change “Left Switch” to “No Parameter” and Knob from “Toggle Switch” to “Standard” it changes:
So, I have a workaround, a bit annoying, but I can live with this!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I think what you did is once RCE opened, did you press “get factory defaults?” Doing this does bring up your identical screen shot. I think, the difference as why I don’t think I have experienced your issue is that if I do “get factory defaults” I then press “remove all assignments” that gives me a clean slate. I think I always start fresh with a clean slate.

Would starting fresh with a clean slate work as intended for you? The reason I always start with “remove all assignments” is because 90% of the time I need to abbreviate. Also I like just the important-to-me parameters and the “default factory” always is overkill…for me anyway.

Yeah, I default all settings, then I click the + in the right hand corner of page 1 a few times to create several empty pages, then I move page 1 down to the lowest empty page so all the empty pages are at the top.
Next I move the parameters to the top in the order I like. (and rename them to my liking)
If I change the name of anything other than the “standard” knob, the name won’t change in the display. :confused: