Mackie MCU Extension configuration?

The Mackie MCU was working so well for me that I bought an extender unit (XT). It powers up OK, and the sliders self calibrate. The unit is connected to the MCU via midi cables as specified in the user guide.

It is not talking to the MCU or Cubase (Cubase 7/ Win 7). I’m not surprised as this excellent product line is very poorly documented.

Any ideas?

Setting these things up is tricky, but they’re worth it.

I’m having similar problems. What did you do to fix this ?

anyone ever figure this out?

I use my Mackie Pro Controller and two Mackie Expanders with Cubase 7.5. Now that 7.5 keeps crashing for some unknown reason I downloaded the 30 day trial of 8.5 and will work on getting it setup.

I use the M-Audio Midisport 4x4. I go to the setup, pick the Mackie and set up in and out with Midi A for both. My second controller which is the Expander I pick the Mackie Controller again and Cubase changes it to the Expander. I then pick for Midi in and out B for both. Thats its, its pretty easy.

It works great by the way, and I have yet to find a better controller.

contact me if you need more help.