Mackie MCU hidden tracks now follow correctly!

Just recently realized that the MCU now follows the mixer when using hidden tracks and configurations. Also the fader groups now work again. Thank you!

Did not realize this until recently because I have been using the Nektar panorama more lately to get used to it…

Now if only Steinberg could get the MCU to follow the selected track onscreen when selecting the track from a mouse or keyboard up/down arrows! I mean come on that has worked in reaper for probably 10 years! Having total two way sync would make the user experience seamless and less confusing as I and I am sure many of us use a hybrid method of controlling cubase and not just control it from the MCU. As we all know- Once you select a track from the mouse or keyboard outside of the 8 track bank showing on the MCU it no longer is in sync with what you are focused on on the screen. Eucon can do this so why can’t the mackie or nektar protocol.

Sorry about the double post!

I completely agree and this drives me bonders. Pro Tools you press control+shift and click on a track if you want to focus the left fader to the selected track. So extremely helpful. I wish there was a way to do this with the MCU. I have searched high and low for a way to do this. :cry: