Mackie MCU Midi mayhem!

When I start Cubase every midi keyboard and module screams at me (midi overload). I have to do a midi reset to clear the issue. I’ve isolated the issue to my MCU pro and extenders. I have the latest version of Cubase 9.5/Win10/(8) MOTU MTP/AVs. No problems after that initial midi issue. is Cubase sending a midi reset in startup that’s causing the mayhem? I have the “All midi Inputs” deticked on the Mackies. Is there another preference setting I’m missing? I went from 7.5 to 9.5 it didn’t do it before with the same setup… Any ideas?


Make sure there is no MIDI Loop. How is the MIDI Thru set in Cubase? So you use real Mackie hardware? Or is it other HW with Mackie protocol or SW emulating Mackie?

Are you on Windows or Mac?