Mackie MCU or MCU Pro

Trying to decide between the MCU and MCU Pro for a 24-cha recording rig.

No shops near me have either I can test, so I’ll probably just ebay a used one. The Pro is about twice as much as the original.

Other than build (metal vs plastic housing), and the additional control formats (which shouldn’t matter when using with Cubase), are there reasons to opt for the Pro over the original?


Get mcupro works great also newer firmware

You’re probably better off getting the pro. It’s going to be really hard to find extenders for the original MCU.

I’m using the original MCU with two extenders and it works great.

As far as I know, functionality of both units is the same, only the Pro has extra USB connection.
Hardware wise, I’ve read that there is difference in the jog wheel & faders??
I use an earlier version of the Pro, will most likely add at least 1 extender in 2 months time. (After I fixed my display on my main unit.)