Mackie MCU-Pro & Cubase 6- Anyone?

I am interested in the Mackie MCU-Pro and would like to hear from users who are using it successfully with Cubase 6.



Seems to work fine here… though only casually tested. The MCU Pro worked great with CB 5.X , I installed CB 6 and it just worked. I’m guessing all the settings are the same, but I haven’t comprehensively tested all my button assignments…

Love the MCU … can’t work without it!



Thanks Lee! I don’t suppose you could PM me a picture of the MCU-Pro with the Cubase overlay on it?


I use an MCU Pro with 2 x XT with Cubase 6 and it works very well.

I do not use the MCU Pro’s own USB MIDI interface as there have been a few issues with that (see other thread) but using it all with an external interface (MIDI sport 8x8) it works very smoothly.

Like the previous poster, I could not live without it!


I haven´t had anything but trouble with the MCU Pro and Cubase.
The faders has their own life, if you move them fast up or down, they return to their first position.
I tried everything different PC, different OS, Cubase version 6.0.2 and 5.5, and even three different MCU Pro.
All the same.

Hi, are you using the USB interface/plug on the MCU pro? If you are I suspect there lies your problem! In my experience this is buggy as he’ll and having switched to another midi interface and run using good old MIDI cables all this erratic behaviour has ended!

Good luck!



I have a the new MCU Pro 4.0.1. The only way to connect to a computer is via USB. And mackie support does´nt answer.

Hans Henrik

Any news? I’m thinking in buy a new MCU Pro or an used MCU (only MIDI control), and I want something reliable and stable.