Mackie MCU Pro question

Any folks on here with an MCU Pro? I am considering getting one, but Im curous because I know this is not possible with the Eucon controllers…If you hid tracks on the mixer view do they still show up on the MCU Pro or are they skipped there? Thanks!


MCU is the míror of the MixConsole 1. So it will not work with hideing of tracks, but it might work with hideing of the MixConsole 1 Channels (of course you can Sync Project window with the MixConsole 1).

I’m not with Cubase right now, but I will test it later. I knew the answer, but I forgot…


Tracks hidden in the Mixer View are also hidden on the MCU.
Input Tracks are never shown, however, and I like that.

Also, you can set your configurations (Selections of Tracks) to be available on the MCU switches.
One push brings up your selection. Like only drum channels, MIDI channels, etc.
You get the idea.


It’s so annoying that this is not updated for the EuCons yet. I hope they implement this soon.

It is the main reason I won’t buy one. On large projects hiding tracks is essential.