Mackie MCu Pro w/2xts doesnt change banks accordingly and forgets bank 1-8

after hours of research No direct answers on mcu pro with 2 xtrs changing banks propetly!!!
this has been a cubase bug for along time!
i am up to date w Cubase 12 pro and following the device setup manual, it does not change banks properly. I have a PreSonus faderport8 and same issues with bank switching issues. Can Steinberg please fix this long standing issue? MCU works fine w/ Logic Pro just plug snd play!!! thank you Cubase user from floppy disk days…


What is your expectation? What happens, please? What does the specification say?

I am not completely new to using remote controllers, but when I use the presonus faderport 8 on my older laptop running High Sierra OS and projects with 10.5 No problems -with Cubase 11 pro and Big Sur OS running on my 2014 MBP - the faderport 8 does not change from bank 1-8 to next set of banks, 9-17 etc. I have not tried the Mackie Pro units with my older laptop yet, but I have a feeling its the OS -Mojave ran smoothly with Cubase pro 11 until I switched to Big Sur…Never tried the Mackie MCU units 2xt with Mojave and Cubase Pro 11 so I dont know… everybody blames everyone else. But I did engage the Mackie Units in Logic (HUI) mode and banks change! so it leads me to think its Cubase - As far as Presonus Faderport 8, techs gave up on that after a month and said contact Steinberg… This has become an expensive trial going thru so many device optios! HELP.!!! I will try these with an older Cubase Pro 10.5 and see what happens.

So needless to say - I need the Mackie MCU with 2 xtenders to work properly especially bank changes,1-8 which may work in a blue moon, then quits changing! and starts at 9-17 or 17 and up. I load enough tracks on purpose min 32 so it has enough tracks to change banks… I truly wish it was plug and play like other software programs function perfect… 2014 Mac Laptop is running Big Sur
there is 16gig of ram, ssd is 500 gig / its a file that gets corrupted… Is the Cubase preferences file corrupted? Have not deleted those yet… Tech support after 40 yrs plus with Steinberg, has been harder to get a hold of… I used to be able to talk to Yamaha who I think still owns Steinberg, but no one picks up or they do no phone support… Thanks again Eric


What MIDI Message does Persons Faderport 8 sends out, when you press the Bank > button, please?

HUI Mode is something different than Mackie Control mode. These are 2 different protocols. They might behave (and they are specified) differently.

My understanding is, you have 1 MCU (main) unit and 2 extenders. If you press the Bank > on the main unit, it happens something else than you would expect. What happens and what you would expect, please?

the protocol for cubase is mackie control not hui (protools) Logic has its own protocol. but Cubase has always been Mackie Control Yes…so setup is done accordingly, but bank changes are not proper as older versions worked pre Big Sur OS - all firmware on controllers are up to date: something in Cubase is changing this structure… I need to know if any presonus faderpoty 8 users or mackie control surfaces users are working proper in Cubase 12 pro and Big Sur OS… Thanks again - anybody!

I also have a small problem with MC.
I use Asparion D400 controller.
When I change banks of 8 it works properly, BUT when i try to advance by one track it doesn’t work (in Cubase 11 worked).
Another issue is when I select a track (with the mouse) in Cubase the mixer indication is moving to the corresponding bank of 8 but it doesn’t send this info to the controller and after that if I change a bank with my controller the indication in Cubase shows it but also keeps the previous selection with the mouse so the mixer shows selection on tow banks of 8.

After thinking this over the past weeks, i had remembered a Cubase tech on much older versions, to trash the preferences file (in Library (mac os) Trash the Cubase Preference file…this actually worked!
Also reload in device setup or actually trash the old mackie port setups-then re add mackie control again… So glad to say my Mackies and 2 xt are properly working now…


In Cubase you can choose Mackie Control or HUI. Both are available.

yes - but Hui causes more midi issues : ) anyways channel by channel - I have not used that but willtry for other inquiry why they can’t do this… My faderport 8 still does not change banks on new Cubase Pro 12, and I really wish Cubase would have included a script that can be imported for options to these devices! Thanks for input etc.