Mackie MCU transport functions suddenly stop working

Since I have started running CU 7 (32bit) i have been having this problem where during a project of any size and after 5 or 10 minutes, my Mackie MCU transport keys and fuction keys suddenly dont work ( No Start/Stop/Left/all fuctions keys). Mackie Display still works highlighting time etc. In order to clear this fault only a system reboot works. Running on CU 6.5 before I had no problems.

Does anyone have similar or know of this symptom, so that I can fix.
I have tried many things, reloading Midex drivers, restarting Midex, restarting Mackie, Resting Midi via Cubase.
Removing Mackie controller and re-adding it to CU 7. Even reloading Cubase doesnt work.
Reboot only

It worked well under Cubase 5 and Cubase 6.5 running on same system.

Comments would be Much appreciated.

PC Intel I7-3.6Ghz, RAM 32 Gb, Windows 7 64Bit
MidEx 8 controller
Cubase 5, 6.5 and 7.
Steinberg Yamaha MR816csx sound card

Id you have to restart your entire comouter, the problem is in the usb bus power, sometimes stuff just breaks or wears out. If you have to restart cubase, then it could be a usb power problem, cable problem or a midi problem. A lot of people have been complaining about expanders who’s screens don’t get updated properly and they have to go into devices and click reset.

whole system: try different usb plug, or put in a single usb bus
check mackie power supply, switch with another power supply

just cubase: try reset in device manager
switch usb plugs
wiggle the cable/switch the cable
make sure the mackie power supply is working.

report back.

(it’s probably not a cubase thing since you are the inky kne havkng this particular issue so far). but I did have my mackie control stop responding yesterday when I loaded an older project- but that was because it loaded all the mackie control devices wrong.

Owen .Thanks

The Mackie Voltage was fine.
I changed the Midi USB which was in a normal USB2 port, to a spare USB3 port on my system and so far there has been no problems. So thanks for the tip.