Mackie remote. (BCF2000)

Since I updated to 6.5 I have some strange problem. When pressing the mute button on the second channel on my bcf2000 the hole bar of 8 channels goes muted. Cant figure out why. And have started 6.0.5 to if its there too and it was. Any ideas how to reset this? It happens on a new empty project and can be seen after adding three audio tracks.

Just tried this. I set up a new project and added some blank audio tracks but everything behaved as it should.
No strange behaviour muting track 2

Thanks. I did not expect that is should be a common problem, thats why I asked for a reset. But I did have the same problem on my laptop. So there is something faulty with the hardware unit. I guess that it soon time for it to retire…

Hi cubace and BA -

I have a BCF 2000 which I haven’t yet connected to my Cubase 6.

Would you guys know where I could find a step-by-step on how to do that? I’ve done the youtube thing, and there are some things out there for sure I was going to use, along with an English translation of Jerome’s (from espace) document, originally in French.

I did notice that none of those mentioned using the BCF 2000 to control the Quick Controls in Cubase. Can you guys do that too?



I did the same as you and searched YouTube.
In simple terms, you set the BCF into Mackie emulation mode (there is a document on Behringer.Com support area) by holding down the button immediately beneath the 2nd rotary control from the left (marked CH) then power up then release when MC C appears in the display (IT looks like NC C because of display limitations)

Then in Cubase, you add it as a control device (Devices, Device setup, remote devices and add (+ sign) select mackie control). This makes its basic functionality available e.g. levels, pans, solo mute etc

Don’t know about quick controls yet.

Thanks, much, BA. If you ever get the Quick Controls working, please post back!