MacOS 10.15 beta: Audio/MusicXML export missing

I AM AWARE THAT DORICO IS NOT OFFICIALLY SUPPORTED ON MACOS 10.15 AND I’M JUST TRYING IT BECAUSE I’M LIKE THAT SO DON’T JUDGE ME :smiley: but I have noticed that DP is missing the options to export audio and MusicXML in 10.15 (just updated to PB 19A512f and same issue).

a) hope that information is helpful

b) any insight or fixes?

DP 2.2.2 (issue also present in 2.2.1)

Dorico is on 2.2.20. Typo, or?

Maybe the beta version of Macos also reports the Dorico version number wrong :slight_smile:

I found none of these issue on my cylinder Mac Pro running macOS Catalina Developer Beta 4 with Dorico 2.2.20 (current public build).
What’s wrong with your expression map files? These files, if not correctly defined, can cause problems with audio files outputed.
For MusicXML files, I know till now Dorico 2 is still buggy on XML export, hence my reduced usage of using it.

Here’s a screenshot. So the options for Audio and MusicXML are just gone.