macOS 11 / Apple Silicon

I think I saw the first WWDC in a few years that I didn’t quite like. The entire change over to apple arm does concern me about a few things, and I wonder if anybody around here might know more ??

  1. With this change over to Apple Silicon, will thunderbolt be deprecated in apple devices for only usb 4 ?
  2. How much does this change Cubase / Nuendo , plugins, etc ? is this major re-writes ?
  3. can the current state of arm style processors blow past current Xeons ? For track count, plugins, etc…

Microsoft also support ARM from 2018 in some devices
I expect that in the future ARM will be the strongest and best
In terms of processor temperature, thickness, power, and energy consumption
There are ARM processors now with a power of 160 cores dual socket

I expect programmers around the world will support this CPU

I have virtually zero fear that Microsoft will do anything to risk Windows installations in the near future. Trying to be ‘future proof’ using Apple is just… “optimistic”.

Happy Win user here (at home… OSX at work… sigh)

Yeah im kinda thinking that I can resort to just an apple laptop for work and redo my studio full on windows , at least I can theme w10 to look like Catalina…LOL. Big Sur is OOGLAY…like candy coated clown ui ugly.

This is a monumental change. Has Steinberg issued a statement?

Hopefully even if most their code is in C++ , its still just compiling the source files in Xcode for the new universal binary 2.

Im working on that for a couple self built apps, so nothing major like Nuendo.

Whats kinda cool is now iOS and iPad apps will run on macOS , so that opens up new ideas in remote control apps.

Imagine a remote app that you can be on a plane, take a track from the project at home, mix or edit that track on the iPad and send that edited track back to the project at home.

Thats what I want CubaseIC Pro to be !! Like GIT / SourceTree for audio almost.