MacOS 12.5 + Dorico 4.2

Just updated the OS and now I’m unable to open any Dorico files. Always hangs with the beachball at 92%

Works here.


i should also mention i just installed the BBCSO Discover - if that helps - unable to save anything at the moment

Works fine here, too.

Can you create a new document?

Have you tried restarting your Mac? Always worth a try to start with.

after a lengthy call with Ulf we were not able to pin down what the problem was/is. As of this writing everything is working ok. The only solution was to log into the computer as a different user. That worked, and switching back to my main user account everything is back to normal🤯

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Very odd. In the meantime, a couple of us in the team have also updated our Macs to macOS 12.5 and so far haven’t experienced anything like this.