MacOS 12.7 : Projects created in Rosetta have missing plugins under Apple Silicon

I finally took the plunge and disabled Rosetta on Cubase.

Seems it runs a little more ‘relaxed’, but that could be suggestion.

Unpleasant surprise: projects that had Rosetta plugins running will open with said plugins missing, rather than replacing them with the native ones. Of course, ALL projects have Rosetta plugins open. This is really annoying.

Only solution is to reopen in Rosetta, save the settings as a preset or whatever, reinstantiate the plugin in Native and call up the preset again.

Any chance this can be resolved with an update?

P.S. Mac OS Monterey 12.7, Cubase 12.0.70

I’m going to be really rude.
You should have made the change earlier. I started preparing when Cubase 12 AS native support was announced. Obviously I didn’t get very far because there were hardly any AS plugins available for the first 6 months or so… That all changed a year ago and really stopped being problem.
You going to have to just bite the bullet and draw a line in the sand.

What is your point here?

I wouldn’t expect a patch for rosetta issues.

You misunderstand the issue.

I do understand.
What I’m trying to say is you need to move on from rosetta. the longer you put it off the bigger the hill you will need to climb when either Apple or Steinberg stop supporting it.

Yes, you misunderstand. Please reread the first post.

The issue is with Native.

Yes I know exactly what your saying.

For the sake of clarity, is this correct?

The OP question is - multiple Cubase projects were created using Rosetta. The complaint/request is that when these projects are opened in Native Silicon mode the plugins are missing, and the person is asking how to, or for feature that, automatically assigns the correct plugins when opened in Native (Apple Silicon) mode.

Yes, correct.

Except, of course, many projects were created way before Rosetta, in the Intel days.

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Are the plugins your missing VST 3

Of course.


Cubase only supports vst 3 on Apple silicone so it won’t load vst 2 plugins on start up. I have replaced all of my older plugs but some have had success using a vst wrapper.

Further to this. Not only does it not accept VST2 but it will only work with VST3 native plugins, not VST3 compliant or just supported. Some developers will specify their VST3 is apple silicon compliant/supported but that might mean they only work under Rosetta. The VST3 has to be apple silicon native.

And some VST2 do not find their native VST3 counterpart and auto replace.

Like I have stated before, all plugins are VST3.

This is clearly a bug, Cubase thinks they’re missing but at the same reports them all present and accounted for.

All plugins show up as normal and can be instantiated manually, no problem.

It’s just Cubase in native mode can’t open them automatically when I load a project made in Rosetta or earlier.

I ditched Rosetta mode ages ago but i know i can create a project in Native mode and open in Rosetta. I have not really noticed this issue before. Except for when i had VST2 and VST3 for the same plugin. I had picked the VST2 version in old projects so those got removed, even though i could manually find a VST3 version in native mode. That is the only time that happened.

It might be worth finishing the old projects and starting new ones in native mode.

That is of course what I’m doing, but surely there has to be a better way.

However, now that C13 has dropped, I doubt Steinberg will prioritize fixing things in 12.