MacOS 12 Monterey

Yep, it works. (well, I did not install any sounds, only tested in silence mode…)
Works fine.

Also tested, Nuendo, with audio, and that one works as well… well my humble small tests anyway. :slight_smile:
cheers. Helge.


Though of course that’s no guarantee that things might get shaken up by a future build, particularly at this early stage.

And [cough] NDA [cough]. :grin:

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I don’t even dare to install Big Sure which slowed down my Mac completely. Will probably unusable on this new OS. I am on Mojave now.

Almost certainly not caused by the OS itself. Test the behaviour in a new user account, to rule out third-party processes, user settings and caches.

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Would Sibelius 6 still run though under big sur and higher? The publisher I work for uses it still.

No. Sibelius 2020.6 is the earliest version that will run properly on Big Sur on Intel machines, and 2021.2 is the earliest version that will run properly on M1 machines.

You may get earlier versions of Sibelius to run (though I’m not sure about 6), but irritations such as not being able to add new text objects (though you can copy and paste then edit existing ones) are impossible to fix.

You might point out to your client that Sibelius 6 just celebrated its twelfth birthday :partying_face:

He wants to move to Dorico but is waiting for a Scorch kind of structure to showcase the scores.

Unfortunately I have a hell lot of homebrew sort of thing that runs most stable with stable macOS releases.

Still good to hear Dorico and Cubendo works on macOS Monterey.

I think he’ll be waiting some time…

Without wanting to sound too inflammatory, I wonder quite how he (or any of his clients) are using Scorch, which is now unsupported in just about every browser going and is no longer supported in any way by Avid (and has not been for over four years!).

Avid’s own replacement for this is the Sibelius Cloud Sharing platform (and Sibelius Cloud Publishing for large-scale corporate users), but this is not supported by Sibelius 6, so cannot be what your publisher is using.


I believe Avid still supports Scorch as an independent iPad app.

(I was probably too quick to respond - it appears the latest version of Sibelius supported by Scorch is Sibelius 218.4 and user reviews are not great.)

The steinberg site shows dorico as compatible

Tried anyone?

Yes. It’s listed as compatible, and it is compatible.

No problems here.

I just had a weird issue where the system dialogs for printing (page setup and print) wouldn’t work. I reopened the program and still nothing. tried a few different projects and suddenly it started working.