macOS "Activate Window" system event/accessibility feature doesn't actually activate Project Window

Because of how Nuendo works with spotting audio from external software (where it just piles them up on a single track instead of creating new tracks), I’ve tried various solutions using Keyboard Maestro to fix this “feature”.

It seems that if all tracks are deselected, the audio file from an external database software (Soundly or Soundminer in my case) will in fact be created on a new track, with the correct track name fetched from the audio file, which is the only intuitive way I could imagine.

So, to achieve this, using the spotting shortcut in Soundly does 4 things:

  1. Activates Project Window in Nuendo
  2. Runs a PLE that deselects all tracks
  3. Activates Soundly again.
  4. Runs the “Spot Audio” integration, which creates a new track with the selected audio file in Soundly.

I’ve pulled my hair out why this doesn’t work, since there are no issues in ANY other applications using these routines. Until I figured out that using the Accessibility feature of activating the Project Window, actually doesn’t activate it. It either needs to be clicked with the mouse, or activating it a SECOND time to get the “white frame” activating the project window.

So, Activating the window needs to be done twice for any system automation. This is non-standard behaviour for macOS applications, and should be considered a bug.

Also: This would all be solved much more elegantly if Nuendo would support another standard feature: Having keyboard shortcuts sent to it in the background through Accessibility instead. It would make automation together with other apps much smoother.