macOS and Dorico: revealing the file, which is being edited in Dorico, in Finder

Usually, we can reveal the file, which is being edited in an application, in Finder under macOS.
This can be done by clicking the title bar of application with the right button on the mouse.
I realised that Dorico does not allow this.
Is it intended?

Right-click works for me. (Well, two-fingered tap or CTRL-click.) You can also hold Command and click on the titlebar to show the filepath.

Screenshot 6.png

Hm, it is strange.
It seems to not have worked temporarily.


It won’t work until the project has been saved for the first time, of course, which is why no proxy icon appears in the title bar until the project has been saved. It doesn’t have a path on disk until that point.

Daniel - I realize this is somewhat off topic, but as long as you’re here - in the Window drop down menu at the very bottom where the files are listed? Could we put an asterisk (or some indication) if the file has changes that have not been saved (as is done by Sib*)? This should be a pretty simple (and useful) enhancement.

I’ll make a note of this suggestion.

You are right.
It occurs after I recover a file.