MacOS Big Sur 11.6, my dongle failed

I am from china so English it’s bad

My computer is macbookpro 2020 ,13 inch. After I updated the latest system MacOS Big Sur 11.6, my dongle failed. Do you encounter such a situation like me? Please leave a message and give me the solution. Thank you

I try to use it on my windows computer, but I can’t use the MacBook. If it’s a system problem, I hope Cubase can repair it officially. If it’s a MacOS system problem, I hope apple can repair it. Here I hope you can solve it with me. Thank you

If, like me, you are macOS Big Sur 11.6. and licenser Control Center version and you are experiencing a problem with the dongle, please leave a comment and I will know it is not a hardware problem. thank you

Run E-licenser in Admin mode, do maintenance, that should work

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Hello brother, I have encountered this problem with a few friends in China, macos big sur11.6 cannot connect to the USB dongle after the upgrade, no matter whether your docking station is 3.0 or 2.0, it cannot be connected. Thank you for your reply, I have reported this bug to the Apple official a few days ago. I don’t know when they will be able to solve it. I also want to ask a question about how can I open my Cubase11pro when the dongle can’t connect to the computer. Do I have to plug in the dongle to open it?


How old is your dongle? If you have the older long one you might have to upgrade it to the new short version to get it to work.