macOS Catalina issues

Does anyone with macOS Catalina have trouble with using Cubase 10? I recently updated my Mac to catalina from Mojave, and now certain things, namely Halion Sonic and groove agent, do not work properly.

About a year ago, I updated to Catalina, and had the same problems as I’m having now. So, I reverted back to Mojave, and everything was working fine again.

I have Cubase 10, not 10.5. I’m wanting to know if most things are fixed in 10.5 for Catalina before I pay to upgrade. I know it’s not too much money to upgrade, but thought I’d ask before doing it.

Anyone have an issue like this?

(I had to update to Catalina this time for other reasons, otherwise I would have just stuck with Mojave)

Update: I went ahead and bought the update, and everything is working normally now!

Which update have you bought to solve the issue?

I’m having problems with a plug in and think it’s because of Catalina. This has been an acknowledged issue by Cubase (Cubase 10 not quite ready for Catalina). As far as I can tell they haven’t resolved it yet.

I’m running Nuendo 10.3 with Catalina version 10.15.3 Everything works great. I don’t see a need to update OS X unless there are solid reasons. Not just to update. Sometimes it’s a security flaw and you want to catch that. I’ll typically wait back and see what the fall out in my different applications are and was for them to be resolved. This is usually 1 day before the next update! :wink: