MacOS: Cubase 12 crashes every 2 days (when being constantly on)

I have a Cubase project constantly open, and this project has as single track.
I use it to play piano in the background (without looking at the computer or turning its monitor on).
However, every 1.5 or 2 days, Cubase crashes for some reason.

Cubase: 12.0.60
MacOS: Ventura 13.5

Over the year there have been a few 2^31 or 2^32 samples integer wrap crashes. At least one was fixed in Cubase 12. I think you can get this within a plugin too. So one way to test this is to put the project in a different sample rate. For example 192 KHz to see if you get it quicker. 2^32/(360044100) is 27.05 hours 2^32/(3600192000 is 6.21 hours.

You could try updating Cubase to the latest version 12.0.70 and Ventura to 13.6 first

@dkozar Does the crash generate a crash file (.ips)? If so, could you attach it to a post in this thread?

Thanks for the feedback!

I’ll wait for the next crash and attach the crash file.

I have a crash file. Now with Cubase 13.

I’d like to get in touch with someone from Steinberg, to send the crash file.



You can attach it here.

I’d prefer something more private, as the stack trace contains details of my system.


Then you can send it directly from Cubase.

Yes, but it’s sent to Apple. Not sure if this gets to Steinberg.


It depends, on how you send it. If you send it from the system dialogue, then it goes to Apple (which doesn’t help in this case). If you use the Usage Logger (Preferences > General) in Cubase, then the log files are written. Then you can send them to Steinberg Support (more details, here).

Or, you can send them here (as several other users do). We can resolve the file and let you quickly know if the crash is in Cubase or in any plug-in; if it’s a known issue, which might be fixed soon; etc. We can provide you with useful feedback, so you can maybe even fix it on your side.