[MacOS] Cubase 12 Not showing my Focusrite in audio connections window

Cubase Not showing my Focusrite in audio connections window.
so I get no input and no output and he only recognized my built in audio drivers.

I already checked and my Focusrite is my main output device of the Mac.
also other DAWs like Logic Pro Do recognize my Focusrite .
Apple Music, safari and every audio software working correctly.

I would like some help because I have big projects coming up soon


You need to allow Cubase to access the microphone in your Mac’s Security & Privacy settings.

its already done

Is the Focusrite driver selected in Cubase ?

Where ? in the audio connection window? I don’t have the option to choose a different device from my built in audio (like in the screenshot above)

The manual explains it all :

Thanks man ! It worked out :slight_smile:

You’re welcome !