MacOs Finder tags not saving, must use save-as


I use tagging on my Cubase projects on my Mac. I have a lot of tag categories for my Cubase Projects. If I use the “Save As…” option in Cubase I can attach any tag to my project, it’s work fine. If I work with allready tagged project, and use keyboard shortcut Crtl+S, Cubase save the project without the tag information…I need to use “Save As…” option and attach correct tag again to my project. Cubase should remember the tag information on every opened project, and save the correct information whatever I use…Ctrl+S or “Save As…”

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Can anyone confirm that issue ??? It’s very frustrating problem…

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Sorry, I’m not sure, I really understand your issue. Could you please describe it in step by step manner?

Do I understand you right, the “Save” functions deletes the tags, you set while the very first “Save As”?

Exactly, this is a problem…

I have a lot of Cubase Projects groupped by a specified tag (btw. I also use the tags with other file types like Microsoft Word etc…). When I work with Cubase I often use a Ctrl+S combination to save the progress of the Project. Anfortunatelly this operation clears all of tag information in this file.

My system: MacPro (Late 2013),Catalina 10.15.7, Cubase 11 Pro (the latest update)

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Any news with supporting tags on MacOs?




I can reproduce it. Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.