MacOS High Sierra release day

So Apple release the new OS today.
Steinberg of course caution people updating until they have tested internally.

Is anyone taking the plunge reguardless?
Please post you experience if so.
I would be interested to hear how Steinberg hardware like the UR28m or cc121 hold up…

Just bumped at
Weird, I thought mac os (as well as any other os) betas purpose is a way for all software developers to eliminate an incompatibility before, not after actual os release date.

Well from ateinbergs perspective they don’t want to waste time and money hitting a moving target. They want to know what the release product is before they start testing.
It’s understandable but kinda annoying at least some initial testing isn’t done on the pre release software.

No idea why testing can’t even start till the end of October.

From the help page:

”From the end of October on, we will begin testing our current line of products on both these operating systems.”

Or is this lost in translation somewhere?


My guess is thats when they will wrap up Cubase 9.5 and send it over for bug squashing and testing before release in december

of course a paid update… i will update to High Sierrra… let me know if you need me to test for you.

I cloned a Sierra disk and upgraded to high sierra yesterday. Just for fun, I launched Cubase 9.0.20 and loaded a test song. No issues, which doesn’t mean a thing, of course.

My Metric Halo ULN-8 interface also just worked(with the Sierra drivers)

I would wait for a (long) while, there’s a new filesystem being introduced with High Sierra…

For work, I’m still on El Capitan. Tried and tested.

My 2c.

I am sure there will be many people testing High Sierra, so far I can not tell a difference. My whole setup runs the same.

Every year it’s the same thing all over again Apple’s new OS and Steinberg testing…
Last year I upgraded prior to the official okay or update from Steinberg. It was all good except for one issue. A few of my projects file directory had issues Cubase still loaded
the projects but the message never went away even after updates.

So this year I will not do it again. And what’s so special about this new Apple OS ???
I bet you nothing major… so please folks listen to Steinberg and don’t do it.
One more thing sometimes Cubase runs better on an older OS…

Maybe I should upgrade to High Sierra and see if it breaks my MR816X. It would give me a reason to upgrade my interface LOL

Working perfect on High Sierra here. Cubase Pro 9 (9.0.30) with UR44 interface.
I had to open Yamaha FW driver app prior to execute UR44 app. Don’t know why.
I tried several projects, from all times. All working fluid with no issues.

Ok I seem to be having more problems with my audio interface than with Cubase itself.

I am going back to 10.12.

So as far as I can tell my audio interface is not compatible with 10.13, I had the same issues in 2 DAWs and with iTunes. My guess is that C9 should run fine if your audio interface is compatible with 10.13.

Like I said I went back to 10.12.6 and all the issues are gone.

I have to agree that if you are doing any serious production you wait until all of the tools you use are supported in 10.13. With all the plugins and interfaces it could be a while until all the bugs are worked out.

Good luck if you dive into the upgrade… Also don’t forget to backup with Timemachine so you can go back to the future!


Works just fine under macOS HighSierra here… :slight_smile:
PS; Judging by previous Cubase releases that coincide with Mac OS, Steinberg will release the paid version10 of Cubase, before so-called update for version 9.
Same story every year, I’m afraid…
‘New’, fully compatible HighSierra paid version 10, will become available first week of December. (As always)… :wink:

All good under Sierra here, had to trash DropBox and re install that but all my plugins, MR816, MOTU MTPAV USB all working just fine here

Just found updated drivers for my audio interface. Upgraded to High Sierra and all is working fine. No more audio drop out after 5 min or so.

I will report any issues, but it looks like the upgrade did not break any major software installs on my end.