MacOS Mojave CC121 no longer seen

Hi, I started up this morning and the CC121 didn’t light up like it usually does when I start Cubase 10.5.
Tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers (followed steinberg instructions)
Cleared out Cubase10.5 preferences
It is also missing in “studio setup”, when I try to add it from the list it does nothing, never gets added.
MacOS 10.14.6
Cubase 10.5
I can not figure it out, the little blue light goes on on the CC121 suggesting it is ready, but it never activates when cubase is opened, nor can I add it in studio setup.

Any ideas?

Its not connecting there

  1. Unplug the USB from the Mac
  2. Restart Mac doing the OPTION+P+R all held down until third beep then let up on the keys
  3. Plug USB back in and turn it on
  4. Start Cubase and see what happens.

I think this is a permissions issue with OSX security settings for things. Go to mac system prefs and make sure the USB driver is showing at the bottom as well, if not it won’t show up in Cubase at all.

I would:

  1. Run nextony AppCleaner, look for the USB Driver there
  2. Re install the latest CC121 driver
  3. Check in the System Preferences/Security and Privacy tab, Accessibility tab and see if it is asking for permission to run on the OS