macOS Monterey

My Mac updated to macOS v. 12.2.1 and since then, Dorico 4 has been very glitchy. Anytime I try to select multiple voices for playback, especially in percussion, Dorico shuts down unexpectedly. Is anyone else having this issue?

There are no known problems with Dorico 4 and macOS 12.2.1. Could you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here, so we can take a look and see if we can figure out what’s going on?

Thanks for your help; attached is the


Dorico (651 KB)

All of those crashes look the same, David, and I notice that you are still using Dorico 4.0. I suggest you update to Dorico 4.0.10 to see if that resolves the issue. The easiest way to get the update is to run Steinberg Download Assistant (which will also update Steinberg Activation Manager, which will be useful), and then download and install the Dorico 4.0.10 Application Installer package. Hopefully you’ll find that the problem is resolved right away, but if not, please provide another set of diagnostics.

Dorico 4.0.10 is now installed and I’m still having the crashing issue. I’ve attached the
Thank you for your time and energy on this issue; it is truly appreciated!


Dorico (620 KB)

Thanks for installing the update and coming back to me, David. Could you please attach the project you’re working on, and tell me what you’re doing specifically that is leading to the crash?