macOS required for Dorico 3.5

I read that Dorico 3.5 was compatible with macOS 10.12, 10.13, 10.14, and 10.15 – BUT I installed it on 10.12.6 and while the install said it completed OK, the app will NOT start. It just freezes with the option to “Force Quit”. I’ve tried it several times. Does this OS work for anyone?


Could you please see if there’s an application.log file in /Library/Users/your-username/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 3.5, and if so, upload it here?

This is strange, I think. There are TWO application.log files, created two minutes apart. I’ll upload both. The first one has the number “1” appended to the name. (I had to append a phony extension of .txt for them to upload.)

The “Add files” button won’t let me upload a .log or .txt so I took a screen print of both files.
Thank you Daniel.

Next time try zipping them. The forum does allow .zip files to upload.

DrChet, that looks like an eLicenser problem to me. Please run eLCC and make sure that everything in there looks OK; let it perform the default maintenance task. Check that your license shows up in there correctly.

Please consider upgrading your OS if convenient.

On mac computers, Steinberg products only claim compatibility with the most recent 3 major releases of macOS by the time of their major releases.

(Dorico 3.5 might be an exception, according to what I see Daniel responded above. If that’s true, then Dorico 3.5 might be the first release of Dorico which supports 5 macOS versions at the end of a year: macOS 10.12-15 and macOS 11.0 Big Sur.)

Thank you Daniel, I’ll check eLicenser.

And thanks to Derek. I didn’t see that it would upload .zips.

And thank you too ShikiSuen. I have been holding off upgrading because of a couple of older programs that only run up to 10.12, and also having to upgrade several apps, but you are right. I should upgrade.

Thank you all. :smiley:


I have run into a strange problem. eLicenser tells me that it doesn’t seem to have been created on this computer. The problem is that it WAS. It tells me to contact my dealer. Can you tell me how to fix that or should I contact someone else?

Thanks again,

You’ll need to go through the steps in this knowledge base article to recreate your Soft-eLicenser. Provided all of your existing Steinberg products are correctly registered at MySteinberg you will be able to receive replacement activation codes via the big red ‘Reactivation’ button at MySteinberg once you have a new Soft-eLicenser set up.

I can always provide you with a time-limited Dorico license if you get into a pickle and cannot reactivate, but I cannot provide licenses for other Steinberg products as I don’t have access to licenses for them.

OK, I’ll go through the steps. I am using a hardware key though. It has my other other Steinberg products OK (or seems to) but only Dorico is missing. I made a backup a while ago, maybe late enough to have everything on it. I’ll check that too. Since I haven’t been able to register it, I still have my original Dorico Pro 3.5 serial number.

Thank you again!

Are you trying to add your Dorico 3.5 license to your USB-eLicenser or your Soft-eLicenser? Where was your previous license? If it’s an update activation code, you have to put it onto the same eLicenser (either Soft- or USB-) that the eligible license you’re updating is already stored on.