MacOS Siera

Hey Steinberg,
Cubase is running perfectly here, but what about official starement :wink:
I do realise that Cubase 9 is coming on the first Wednesday in December, but update on Siera would be appreciated.

Update 8.5 is usually in January, I update every version so I don’t mind, but I don’t think its nice to the customer to have to wait that long…

Did you do an update or a clean install? I have a test iMac here at my house that I’ve done a fresh Sierra install with but I haven’t had time to install Cubase Pro 8.5 or test anything with yet. I guess since it’s Saturday I should get on that… :wink:

I am curious if you will succeed in installing Cubase 8.5 on your fresh Sierra install.
Cause i tried that also on a fresh Sierra install (10.12.1) and the cubase installer instantly crashes on me.

Not strange cause Steinberg stated that their products are not Sierra qualified yet.

Cubase 8.5.15 installed without an issue. I couldn’t test a whole lot, but I did load up an instance of FM8 and play the virtual keyboard for a minute or two and there were no problems. I’ll try with 8.5.20 later but I don’t anticipate a problem.

OSX 10.12.1 (fresh install), Cubase Pro 8.5.15, 2011 iMac, 16gb RAM