macOS & Steinberg Activation Manager

Maybe I’m missing something, but is the Steinberg Activation Manager suppose to work across multiple user accounts on macOS?

I’ve installed N12 on two computers with macOS 12.3.1, one is Intel, one is M1, and, on both computers, Steinberg Activation Manager only works in the user account where it was first installed. I’ve tried re-installing Steinberg Activation Manager in the second account, but it doesn’t help: Steinberg Activation Manager is still stalling when starting up.

If I get this cleared up, will a N12 authorization work across multiple user account on the same computer?

Hi Kewl,

actually the new system is based on single-user licenses, so Nuendo 12 is licensed only to you. You are not allowed to “share” your license with another user, which is why the Activation Manager can only be used on one user account.

We are currently working on “computer-based” licenses, where you can activate the license on only one computer that can be shared by different users (and not on three computers used by one single user).

For more information, please check here New Steinberg Licensing FAQ | Steinberg

All the best,

Yeah, well… The same person can have more than one user account on the same computer.

In any case, if I wanted to use two (of the three) activations on one computer in two different user accounts, I can’t even do that.