MacOS upgrades & (potential) Licence implications?

Hi there

One for support perhaps or any users in the know

I’ve got Wavelab 11 Pro installed/running on a Monterey machine and I’m considering two or three ways to upgrade to Ventura

  • Upgrade in-situ
  • Install new MacOS and reinstall content from a time machine backup
  • Install new MacOS and reinstall everything (I’m not so far down the line using the machine that this isn’t an issue)

Anyway, in any or all of those scenarios are there Licence recognition issues … nothing about the hardware will change, so it might be nothing

With one other software vendor I’m minded to deregister a ‘seat’ before upgrading to avoid potential issues as it’s a simple process anyway. I’m a fan of dongles for this reason, the user is in control plus I’ve been bitten by another vendor when they sunk and an older machine effectively became obsolete on a legacy version

So I’m just ruling out potential pitfalls, I’m not expecting any, but best to check - no dongle for my WLP11 install btw

I’ll be sure to back up any preferences before I upgrade of course, those took a while to tweak to my liking

Any insights welcome before I perhaps eventually reach out to support


In a word, is it possible or necessary to deauthorize prior to an update of the OS (Arturia e.g. say it is necessary) before re-authorizing (y/n) ?

I upgraded to Ventura from Monterey on two M1 Macs (MB Pro and Studio Max) and there were no issues at all with Wavelab, Dorico or Cubase (all had been upgraded to the new license system on Monterey).

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Thanks for the info, I’m sure it’d be possible to resolve in any case, but I can do without the added complications, cheers